well if she has a girl my guess is that it will be named after someone either her side of the family or mikes or it could be named after a country singer if she named it miranda after miranda lambert that would be so freeking cute

Yeah I feel like it’ll be a traditional name. As long as it’s not like Apple.

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do you think carrie is going to have a boy or a girl? when hilary scott was pregnate with her daughter i guessed girl so i'm going with girl with carrie

My sixth sense tells me girl :D If it is a girl, what name do you think Carrie should give her?


Country girls + Tumblr (insp: x/x)

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Hey Carrie I am a big fan. I just want to know how is the music doing? I love every one of your song you are the most wonderful singer I know since I was a kid.


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SNF intro » 2013│2014

get to know; carrie underwood

Where did you get that NFL video???!!!


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